Public Menace is a new poetry platform seeking to encourage collaboration between writers; we want to build creative networks to help writers outside major cities from wherever to form their own communities!

Poetry is a vital tool for world-building. Not only giving colour and music to our inner lives, but enabling us to build bridges across time and space as pathways for emotional and educational enlightenment.

The teaching material for the art of poetry has traditionally only been offered to those able to have the opportunity to study it at school or university, or who were raised in already existing creative backgrounds. On this website are resources and creative prompts to begin the Public Menace project of bringing poetry out of the control of institutions and making the art accessible to all.


Poetry was never meant to stay printed on the page. It prowls the streets, and Public Menace wants to start a riot. ​

We believe each poem is invested with a voice that matters, so at Public Menace everybody is heard    in hopes of curating new creative practices and connections. Submit to our FIRST call-out and you’ll be able to send your poems along with your creative co-conspirators in our accessible archive.


HOWEVER, just to keep things exciting, there's also the opportunity to be included in a special anthologized book. A few poets will be selected to represent the archive and be published IRL and online. There’s something for everybody!


We also have our blog where you can learn more about our contributing creative co-conspirators, their writing recommendations and tips— sharing their expertise for the BENEFIT of us all.