arcade. lost in

Larry Liquid

arcade. lost in
simple denials of overly long
you make up the pieces i lack
a misconstrued foreshadow for ice breakers that will help me make it past the first step
ghastly reminder
to blame a whole lot of everything on
cracks along the parallels
i pick up the pieces and put them down
i will sort this out but i can’t right now
i will fix this but i don’t know how to right now
ignoring problems long enough leads to
where i forget the face of the monster
but not their smell
i dream of sputnik, a passive
aggressive bullet
of motion towards a goal we won’t deny
bonita i haven’t said your name
since the days before last
i make out angel faces from shadows in the floods
plug sockets taste like bandaged freedom
i just need to know
why i need to know
i will likely die at the edge of the golden triangle
in an old-fashioned-shoot-out
looking towards the sun like an old friend

this is the pain before the rain
which washes out the blockage
past the snow ladened sun
and then a new beech grows through the soggy leaves again


i’ve shown you most of my
and i fear me to be the patron
saint of plagiarism
the fire alarm has been going for so long
that i now mistake it for my ringtone
i’d love to see your mum’s hat collection
it mattered as sediment
a nocturnal recovery
silver dredded hunks of embers
patterned down by the ships we lost; a
shallowed soul, heaped
bewildered with a case of sangria
limping beyond
i hold onto my breath like rumours
mind games make up my exercise
i betrayed you as music notes
and the fever lets me down
once again
i’m a misremembered catchphrase
a book i forgot to return
i act out the funniest scene of the
to justify my need to leave
it never settled
we are so close but the conclusion is in the post
with salt water in the ash tray, a
beacon of

as the sun dunks
i stagnate by force again
rayado cuddles me relentlessly
a curse i got tattooed
all lines are shadows from behind
asphalt shoe gaze burden by default

this dismay is just a symptom

i know the words but not what to do with them
my reward is to stand next to you

and now i wait
moored out at sea
waiting to unleash
the skuttler within me

Heading 1