My Grandfather's house is full of birds

Kiera Summer

my grandfather’s house is full of birds

skit of wings across the wall
in the eaves above the door
feathered eyeballs
each room is the theme of a bird
coastal mainly so ground bred
long beaked scooping shrimp
cream and greasy chips
many too are teddies
comfortingly taxidermic
hundreds posed
their feathered jackets in flight
wwf rhymes loving with puffin
on a sponsorship form from 2005
the dander of a bird carries
an eye reddening allergy
one time a real gull makes a home
by the bathroom window
there will be little chicklets screaming
bloody murder
each adult gull has a red spot on the beak
the babies peck there so the mother
will open
my grandfather tells me
then dashes the eggs off the roof

Kiera Summer is a writer of poetry and prose with a BA in French and Arabic from the University of Cambridge. She is in her second year of the MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and is currently writing to explore techno, drugs and intergenerational temporality.

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