Not a break up

India de Bono

Not a break up
This is not a
Criticism of you
You adored me in the way you could
And I did back too
but those were not compatible with each other And the
stars did not align
Was it a case of
Right person wrong time?
I couldn't tell you
All I know is the hurt
and that my heart is healing
Which is not easy when part of your mind isn't listening And I want to reach out
I want to hold your hand
I'd like to try again in the future
a future
but I
if you can't
So instead reach out your thoughts
If I can't call you mine and
Intertwine my fingers into yours
May I still be privy to your mind?
because it is so beautiful.
More expressive than any inflection
More intensive than any
I hope I can still be allowed
To send the love
I wish
to all my friends
I pray for the day this nightmare ends
And I want to see you
not through a screen
I hope you feel the same

Heading 1