Party like its 2019

John Swale

Party like its 2019

You can call me Mr Farenheit 451
burning novelty of being 'in da house' all gone
from man about town to sleeping around... ten!
fuck all's going down...will it ever again?
praised the doctors and nurses; heroes that save us
now show me a cure for this rave-ing in-patient
cant take it anymore; no time warp
this search for the covid 1984's cure
or whatever comes first...the time machine?
Tonight i wanna party like its twenty nineteen!

My boomtown sucks gone virtualised
buying digital drugs to get high (and dry)
wath the virtual stages of degradation
in 360 degrees of separation
its a mask-erade ball-ache kick in the spleen
United Kingdom come .... dance with me
Tonight i wanna party like its 2019!

but theres a party going on just been invited
on messenger it's retro- I'm so excited!
live bands fuck me!.. and its on til 3
til i see the dreaded letters... GMT
then the four letter word sure as death brings gloom
the party's only on fucking zoom

I miss the bouncers being cunts and jealous boyfriends lairy
miss getting girls home and their legs bein hairy
miss getting fake numbers, being crushed at gigs
feeling drops from above from the bottles of piss
i miss waking up feeling like my skull has shrunk
in some bed bug flat some desperate single mum
at least being free to do that, what will i become?

I see us all around the world rocking robot suits
dancing like daft punk took over the moon
i'm drowning in the seas of love-less live streams
overdose on sobriety's killing me
can people stop dying please for you and for me
Tonight i wanna party like its twenty nineteen!
We are sorry for the inconvenience but this is a revolution

We are sorry for the inconvenience but this is a revolution....I mean revolution is rather a triggering word apologies we hold up our hands we should have said
We are sorry for the inconvenience but this is a ....and just to be sure can we just have a show of hands that none of the following terms cause discomfort in the room before we proceed
We are sorry for the inconvenience but this is....Ok ok...let's set up a safe word just in case we require it
We are sorry for the inconvenience but this...the safe word will be...the safe word will be...what shall we agree ...anything but snowflake pleeease...
We are sorry for the inconvenience but yes...what's that at the back......what do we want do do in our revolution...well...that's what we wanted to talk to you about really...we didn't want to be too pushy you see...we thought if we all sat down over a tea in an amiable way
We are sorry for the inconvenience...and hand at the front...ahhh..yes..yes...ah.good question...let me just repeat it for those who didnt hear...the man at the front asked (could the revolution occur or be discussed again next year after the world cup
We are sorry for the....Let me just confer with my fellow revolutionaries...oh apologies that triggering word again
We are sorry for...uh..let's once and for all decide on a word for our group that will not make anybody feel less important and/or victimised here
We are sorry ....what's that sir, the hall is only open until 5 and there are other items on the agenda to discuss
we are...
we...ah...forget about it!

Heading 1