Stolen Souls


Stolen Souls

As the cold crisp air whispers the silent screams of the stolen souls,
Though once it danced along with the babble through bustling streets.

The slaying silence is noted, the stolen souls are denoted too,
for some sorrowfully, Srebrenica is neither forgotten nor overlooked.

How can a place that carried beautiful souls now house their coffins?
When there are no traces, slim the possibility to identify bones & faces.

Scattered is the one that remains in search of fragments of loved ones,
Yet with hope they will be found one continues in earnest effort.

How broken is a system in which traumatised people are neglected.
Their memories repressed; they live amongst perpetrators dejected.

Yet time surpasses all, grievances hang heavy in the air of silence & loss.
Sufficient will be the efforts only, if we collectively, acknowledge the pain.

Take action & look back beyond a decade or more, ensuring & knowing,
Nowhere on the surface of this Earth has there ever been a genocide again.

Until then I will write, until then I will sing, of the stolen souls, of genocide.

Technocratic Democracy

As technology moves forwards rapidly
We slip and slide backwards steadily
Sliding between realms of democracies
Kakistocracies or technocratic democracies

We no longer entertain an array of thoughts
Or perceive alternatives simultaneously
Instead we cut out rather casually
Forget to ask questions, attest credibility

In blind faith, we log off our conscience
Misguided by artificial intelligence
Then there are those who praise algorithms
Overlook the systems that enable them

Automate the division of our economies
Manipulate for personal gains, technology
But claim it for the greater good of humanity
Nothing is ever black & white, deliberately

Note I’m not against the use of technology
But the use of technology against you & me
Unnerving the credibility of democracy
Questionable systems of kakistocracy

Disappointed by lack of interest & sympathy
For the ones who lose out in this monopoly
Only to discover rather sadly, monstrosities
Paved the way for venerated democracies

I am a writer from the UK, I like to write about the lessons I have learnt through life experiences, the self & current affairs. I find that writing offers catharsis, an opportunity to connect with others as well as widen & challenge perceived norms.

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