The great generals play tic-tac-toe with bones

Alex Heard

The great generals play tic-tac-toe with bones
And preparations have begun
We crawl and we crawl
To reclaim,
The month of march is cold but warm

We meet the ones that oppose us,
Staring with the devil’s eyes
We charge them
like the hell hounds
We have been groomed to be

As this fight has its second second wind
The tiredness sweeps the fields like yawns
Vagueness fills our heads
As we both look like devils in the blood puddles

We press on, not without praying for the day we return
We pray for the day that we can sleep
Ambient lighting would be nice
As i sit writing this
Instead we are swallowed by an abyss of shadows

A low mist weighs down on our lungs
We pray for the day that sunshine
Lays down on our foreheads once more
Screams and cheers alike
Fighting ‘til a second silence


A body is like a sunken ship
Everyone wants a piece
may twenty fifth, twenty eighteen
june sixth, twenty nineteen
Weinstein and Epstein are part
Of a much bigger problem
That has many devilish operators
Who are desperate and cowardly
Trying to keep it at their own pace

Youthful bright ideas
A persisting mortar and pestle
Grinding your bones to flex their way
Educated, but denied having a valid opinion
A miserable existence that
almost denies you the experience
tenth november twenty ten
Asking for justice, while the price of it rises

The ones that manifested as men and women
were demons in disguise
march twenty first, nineteen eight one
Now twenty fifth may twenty twenty
How do you fight what is supposed
To protect

How far has been a hundred years
A form that has been a revolution
june fourth, nineteen thirteen
Forth coming, fighting for life
january twenty first, twenty seventeen
The roads still smell the same

Humans race toward the dismay
Condemned to an abhorrent
Fate, it would seem
Humanity is addicted
Like a bear to gunfire
Like a wasp to my room
So I open my window
And shoo


Blunt used razors and a coughing iceberg:

A dominant mouse
Consumed by the father
Economics compete for publicity
Great sphere that just lies

Excavation of the brain seed
Sweaty customers have patience,
Through the pain
An evening wrestle
An urgency of an election

A census that threatens to snap
The graph in half
Urgency to protect the green
But they listen with their eyes
Striding away from a breath that can’t breathe

An association with urgency
To stop the concrete hallways being laid
The want of the mother against
The ruling of the father
It’s a contradiction nature has to fight
For what was already theirs

Heading 1