You are a revolution

Molly Willis

You are a revolution

You are a revolution.
I may have never seen you with warpaint on your cheeks,
fists raised, lining the streets
but you are a revolution.

Though we're told revolts happen in an instant
they actually evolve over time.
From great pain comes great change
over years of decisions made;
in which case you are most certainly a revolution.

Brave, clever and uncompromising,
you are 1967, hippie uprising.

So remember when you feel on the edge of defeat,
that every time you choose yourself
over those who tell you that you're weak:
you are a revolution.


Graduation day. 2017.

The vice chancellor looks at me, smiling.
I hear echoes of a friend told she was lying.

Memory loss and words watered down,
hushed sounds stain my cap and my gown

knowing that this wretched place will never be safe
and when students get raped, they look other ways.

Bravery becomes benign when ‘no’ isn’t enough, and
it should always be enough to make somebody back off.

Keep your children at home, or send them somewhere else
They won't listen to them talking or hear their cries for help

Then they'll go to self-defense, graduate to therapy
They can't feign ignorance and I just got lucky.

Molly Willis is a 25 year-old writer and musician from Norwich. A graduate of the University of Warwick's English & Theatre Studies programme, her creative writing work spans personal essays, scriptwriting and poetry.

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